'Mature" Rated English Fanfics

This model is a representation of 20 topics from the fics rated "Mature" from The Legend of Korra fanfictions from Archive of our Own.

Explore this page! You can look at each topic by hovering over a particular number. You can also look at how often particular words appear across the topics by hovering over a word on the right hand column.

I created this model using genism and visualized it with genism's pyLDAvis function. My next goal is to re-create an LDA model that brings in metadata from the ratings. Right now, this visualization mostly shows the relationship between topics. I would like to be able to add another variable to look at the difference between texts that are from different ratings as well as across time. This is my pilot model, so for now, I have three separate LDA models (all the texts, the texts rated General Audience, and the texts rated Mature).