Writing and Publications

How to Use the Women Writers Vector Toolkit

A screenshot of the video
                                'How to Use the WWVT.'

A video guide how to use the WWVT, which Cara Marta Messina co-wrote and narrated.

Women Writers Vector Toolkit Teaching Assignments

A photograph of Cara Marta
                                Messina, Ashley Clark, and Parth Tandel sitting during a meeting.
                                All three have laptops, but Cara is speaking to the group and Ashley
                                is laughing.

Several teaching assignments written for instructors interested in using the Women Writers Vector Toolkit, written by Cara Marta Messina in 2018.

Design for Diversity Opening Forum: A Reflection

The Design for Diversity logo,
                               which is a multicolored tree with the words 'Des4Div' written across

Cara Marta Messina's reflection of the Design for Diversity Opening Forum in 2017.

NURig End of the Year Report

Stock image of a person
                                writing in a journal in a grassy field

Presented by Cara Marta Messina and Matthew Hitchcock at Northeastern University's Writing Program End of Term Meeting, 2017.

"Embracing the Challenges of Conventional Practices, Program Inquiry, and New Media in Writing Center Theory and Research"

A screencap of
                                the title of the article, the name of the three books being
                                reviewed, and finally the reviewers names: Harry Denny, Cara

Harry Denny, Cara Messina, and Michael Reich. Published in Composition Studies, 43.2, Fall 2015